Having read the reviews, I have come to the conclusion that it is worth to spend more time working out the interface of the game. This element concentrates on itself most of the attention and is the main for the text game. Previously I did not see good interface on the QN engine, so I wanted to achieve a good result.

The screenshot above displays information on the main characters in the game. In order not to complicate the game, each of them has only one basic parameter. Also from this screen is available a menu of quests/events for each of them.

To go to the character menu and available actions, you just need to hover over the character and click on it. I added animations for these elements to make it easier for the player to understand the interface. Also animation is added to other elements of the game. This makes the interface more lively and convenient.

Since the graphic content occupies the entire area of the game window, we have to clean up at the right moment such elements as a textbox in the screenshot above. To do this, you need to hover the cursor at any point in the TextBox and it will disappear.

At the beginning of the game, the main character will have to devote most of his time to work. Already in this version you can “touch” this process. In the game there is time management, so it will not be so easy.

The schedule of the basic characters and their location on the locations is not yet fully introduced into the game. But even now you can watch some of them.


There is no adult content in this version yet.

Links to this version of the game can be found in your mail.

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Alex Kronlaw
Alex Kronlaw
3 лет назад

Can’t wait for the adult content. Emma looks really cute.

What about Lisa Ann, Asa Akira and Diamond Jackson in future version?

Reply to  Alex Kronlaw
3 лет назад

I`ll think about Lisa Ann.

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